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Here at Better Health Rockville, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. That’s why we love to research the best mattresses on the market to help you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

Since memory foam mattresses became popular, many people think that they are the best all-around mattresses for anyone. While good quality memory foam mattresses certainly are great, they’re not necessarily suited for everyone.

Some people who sleep hot can find that they tend to overheat on a memory foam mattress. Generally, they may find better comfort with a Latex, or even hybrid model.

A huge consideration when buying a mattress is to look for one that will provide good spine alignment and help you to maintain a healthy posture while you sleep. Look for brands that have gone the extra mile to ensure sufficient support at key problem areas such as the neck, pelvis, and knees.

You will also find that some mattresses are better suited to lightweight sleepers, while others have been specially designed for heavier folks.

Do not make the mistake that a soft mattresses automatically means that it will be more comfortable. This is not often the case. Some people do, of course, sleep better on a soft mattress, however, if a mattress is too soft, then it can cause bad pain in others.

Similarly, don’t go for the most firm mattress you can find just because you want the support. Some firm mattresses can also cause aches and pains in people who are not used to them.

Take the time to review the brands you are interested in and note who they have been specifically designed for based on body size, weight, and sleeping position.

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Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

If you are looking for a good memory foam mattress then here are some of the most important features that you can enjoy.

Hugs The Body

Memory foam is designed to adapt to the shape of your body. It has less bounce than a spring mattress, and will mould it’s self to your body shape while you sleep.

While this can be exceptionally comfortable for some, for others it can feel restricting when trying to move around in the bed at night.

Good For All Sleeping Positions

Since a foam mattress will adapt to your body shape, it is generally good for most sleeping positions.

Stomach sleepers in particular can have a hard time finding a comfy mattress due to the excess pressure on the belly while sleeping. However, these people usually get on well with a memory foam mattress.

A good quality memory foam mattress can be great for back sleepers. However, if you primarily sleep on your back then we recommend avoiding the cheaper priced foam mattresses. You need to make sure that the mattress you choose will also provide more than adequate support for your pressure points, and especially around your back area.

Good Motion Absorption

If you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns at night then a good quality foam mattress can be the best choice for you.

Good foam brands are renowned for their motion absorption capabilities, therefore, they can be a great choice for couples who keep different hours, or who get up often in the night.


Due to the materials used, foam mattresses are hypo-allergenic and, therefore, can be good for people who are suffering from clergies.

No Sinkage

Sinking into a mattress is not only uncomfortable, it can also lead to back pain.

If you opt for a high quality memory foam mattress then you should not experience sinkage. The rebounding foam should help to keep your body well supported in a comfortable position all night long.

Latex Mattress Benefits

Now we will look at some of the main benefits of choosing a latex mattress.

Good For Pain Relief

Generally speaking, latex mattresses are often recommended to people with body and joint pain. This is because the provide subtle cushioning that is very supportive for the heavier parts of the body, such as the shoulders and hips.

Latex has natural elastic compounds, which help to maintain a natural and healthy alignment of your spine while supporting the other areas of your body in a gentle way.


Latex is a natural rubber derived from the sap of rubber trees. Surprisingly, the rubber trees are not cur down in order to product latex mattresses. Conversely, the procession of the sap form the rubber trees actually facilitates the trees to grow, and they can continue to live for around 30 years.

When ti comes to disposing of old latex mattresses, you do not need to worry about them siting in landfill areas for many years. This is because natural latex is biodegradable.

To ensure your mattress is indeed, environmentally friendly, look for the GREENGUARD Gold certificate.


Latex is a natural antimicrobial material, which means it fends off harmful nasties and microorganisms. This makes a latex mattress a great choice for people who suffer with allergies.


Latex that has been produced in a natural way has a semi-permeable structure, which facilitates advanced breathability. The natural latex mattresses contain thousands of tiny holes the size of a pin to further facilitate the healthy movement of air through your mattress.

For more info on the differences between memory foam and latex mattresses, please see the video below.

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